Be here now.

I carried a small red bucket full of hot, fresh french fries, the seagulls begging above me. My able legs carried me across the hot sand. Our four beautiful children were just up ahead of me, fully engaged in their life!  The sun was bright, the air full of salty refreshment and I was overcome.  This beautiful life in all it's glory was and is {BURSTING} around me, in me!  These surprising moments are ours for the taking, they are there waiting to be noticed and appreciated and sipped.

Be here now.
Be someplace else later.
is that so complicated?
-David Bader-


there have been very few people in my life who have sIPPED, GULPED AND DRANK LIFE DOWN the way my cousin Linda did.  She's bathing in a new world now and this earth cries for her.  Here is a small glimpse of the person she was and forever will be.  THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OBITUARy.