Wanting to share

Sometimes I miss writing.  I use to spend much of my free time journaling and sharing our life on our family blog.  It's a shame that I think it needs to be perfect, what I have to offer here.  And so I'll give what I can, when I can.  That's something I'm learning so much about lately.  Since we've started our business, almost 2 years ago, I've learned there is more to me than I knew was possible. Sometimes I think we're absolutely crazy!  Who does stuff like this to themselves? Has 5 kids and starts a company and learns as they go?  Isn't it safer to just stay indoors away from the eyes of others?  In a word, yes.  But life isn't meant to be safe.  There's a tension we're leaning into like never before.  A place that says we have what it takes, that we're the company to serve our community with kindness & integrity, that we can love well, be married joyfully and love our children wholeheartedly and still run a successful company.  

"If we are to live our lives fully and well, we must learn to embrace the opposites, to live in a creative tension between our limits and our potentials.  We must honor our limitations in ways that do not distort our nature, and we must trust and use our gifts in ways that fulfill the potentials God gave us.  We must take the no of the way that closes and find the guidance it has to offer --- and take the yes of the way that opens and respond with the yes of our lives." Parker Palmer from the book "Let your life speak -- listening for the Voice of Vocation."

Home. Office.

The Autumn light is pouring in so beautifully this morning.  I love the way the light changes in our home with each new Season.  Speaking of seasons....I was reminded this morning of those "young" days when I had 3 little kiddos under age 5 at my side.  It was tiring and wonderful, exhausting and fulfilling each day.  It was my life.  

And now it's only Capri and I, (and growing baby.xoxo).  It's a new season. Not better, just different and we love and embrace it with our whole hearts.  Jake and I are learning how to manage our home, our business and our marriage.  It requires a lot of leaning into each other like never before.  I say "manage" because we believe "balance" is overrated.  How often are you on the balanced side of balance?  It's a losing word I think.  But manage....we can do manage, we're good at that.  It's a winning word.

We're in the middle of 3 large projects right now with our business.  One complete demo/reno with a new custom kitchen.  The next one is an addition with a new kitchen, living space and patio. Lastly an addition with a small kitchen, bathroom/living room and bedroom.  

It's W-I-L-D!!  We are so GRATEFUL and HUMBLED by the growth of our company.  And we can confidently say that the #1 thing we're learning is that IT'S NOT ABOUT US....it's about our dear clients, about their cares and desires, their concerns and needs.  In many ways it's like parenting.  Being Dad and Mom has prepared us for being business owners and being business owners is making us into the Dad and Mom we want to be. We try our best to pay attention and love and listen well.  We make mistakes and ask for forgiveness. We have good days and not so good days, at work and at home.  

We see more and more the value of the overlapping in our lives. What we're putting our hands to isn't REALLY about what we're putting our hands to, it's about so much MORE, it's deeper than "getting the job done" or "being a good Mom" or "doing the right thing."  It's about THE WHOLE PERSON.and I believe the WHOLE of life is at work, every. single. aspect.  The home. And the office.


Be here now.

I carried a small red bucket full of hot, fresh french fries, the seagulls begging above me. My able legs carried me across the hot sand. Our four beautiful children were just up ahead of me, fully engaged in their life!  The sun was bright, the air full of salty refreshment and I was overcome.  This beautiful life in all it's glory was and is {BURSTING} around me, in me!  These surprising moments are ours for the taking, they are there waiting to be noticed and appreciated and sipped.

Be here now.
Be someplace else later.
is that so complicated?
-David Bader-


there have been very few people in my life who have sIPPED, GULPED AND DRANK LIFE DOWN the way my cousin Linda did.  She's bathing in a new world now and this earth cries for her.  Here is a small glimpse of the person she was and forever will be.  THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OBITUARy. 


Three Men and Their Ladies

It's been a few years since I stopped blogging over at Three Men and Their Ladies.  It was such a wonderful 8 years over there, sharing glimpses into our world, stories of our journey and connecting with such wonderful bloggers and readers!  

The past few years of blog-resting were necessary for many reasons. We'll be doing a few renovations to that old blog and presenting it here, via JKS & CO.  Our personal lives and our company are so intertwined into who we are, that we thought we'd give it a try and see what they look like put together, in a blog format.  Isn't that the beauty of growth....we get to change and shift, try new things and become more true to ourselves!

Feel free to check in as you'd like.